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In 1998 the Christian organization Messages de Vie (Messages for Life) was born.

Through this missionary work , we are about to cross towns and villages to preach the kingdom of God . Following a recommendation of the Lord the organization Messages de Vie opened 2 entities :

• The Evangelical Church called Vases d'Honneur

• and the Ministry Messages de Vie (Messages for Life) devoted to evangelism crusades.

The vision of Messages de Vie is to impact our world through the proclamation of the message of Christ.

So the kingdom of God will be manifested in the lives of men, women and children.

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Pastor Mohammed Sanogo, President of Messages de Vie

"In 1996 , after an open-air evangelism in Marcory ( a city of the ivorian town Abidjan ) some noble terms women were converted . I was far from imagining that the small cell in this humble house , born from evangelization lead us into a wonderful journey. ".

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Our schedule

Our plans for this year cover different crusades (Tour 931 and IN) and inter-church conferences. You can find the dates here :

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931 Tour: it's over!

The first edition is done. We visited 9x3=27 towns. Very soon the second..

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C'pentecote 2017

Connexion became C'Pentecôte.

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Impact Nations (IN)

We'll be in Haïti for january 2018.
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Bassam for Jesus

Very soon, with the ministry of Rev. Steve Mensah we'll be at Bassam again, the countdown has begun..

Messages de Vie

  • Messages de Vie

    C'Pentecôte 2017

  • Messages de Vie

    C'Pentecôte 2017

  • Messages de Vie


  • Messages de Vie


  • Messages de Vie

    C'Pentecôte 2017

  • Messages de Vie


What people say

Woman cured of a deterioration of the sight
Cured of a deterioration of the sight

Danané (20th, 21st and 22nd april 2016). Five years ago, this woman began to realize that her sight deteriorated to not see anything. She who used to read the Bible every day suddenly could not do it. She saw her sight restored when the Holy Spirit touched her. After a small demonstration, the conclusion was that her sight was enhanced because she can see and she can even read remote and small writings.

Man cured of partial deafness
Cured of partial deafness

Danané (20th, 21st and 22nd april 2016). Mr. Doh Alphonse one of Gohiba village chief the village of Gohiba not fully heard in both ears since 2 Years but during prayer ; he felt that his ears began to itch and he found that he can hear well with both ears now. Glory to our strong and powerful God !.

Testimony of DJETEY Emmanuel reached polio
Testimony of DJETEY Emmanuel reached polio

Toulepleu (06th, 07th and 08th april 2016). DJETEY Emmanuel reached polio since his young age , he has never had the use of his foot. He made all its activities in rempant by the buttocks and thereafter he received crutches that enabled him to move away. But yesterday , he came to the crusade , he listened to the word of God , he believed in that word and God achieved the miracle. For the first time, Emmanuel threw his crutches and walked alone. Full of joy he even started running and glorified God for what he did in his life and with him his whole village attended the crusade. Glory to God !.


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Sécretariat de Messages de VieBp 1653 Abidjan 28 Côte d'Ivoire

Phone: (+225) 22 41 83 45 / 02 02 15 31